Traffic Cases...

If your citation/ticket is marked personal appearance is required, you cannot send in your payment to the court.  You must appear at the date and time noted on the citation/ticket.

Waiver in lieu of personal appearance

If your citation/ticket is not marked personal appearance required, and if you do not wish to contest it, then you can waive your rights to contest the matter and send your payment to the court.  To do so, you must sign the back of the citation/ticket and send in the citation/ticket along with your check or money order to the court at:  180 N. Mecca Street, Cortland, Ohio  44410.

Your payment is due before the date that you are summoned to court; you will find that date at the bottom of the citation/ticket.

Make checks payable to: Trumbull County Court Central. If you are paying by check, please put your telephone number on the check.  You may call the court clerks to determine the amount of your waiver.  The Court’s phone number is: 330-675-2280. 

When you make your payment, if you did not show proof of insurance when the citation/ticket was issued, or if the officer failed to correctly note that you did show insurance, you should send proof that you did have insurance at the time of the citation.  If the record does not indicate that you presented proof of insurance, the court will inform the Bureau of Motor Vehicles that no proof of insurance was presented, which will result in the Bureau taking action against your operator’s license.

By signing the back of your ticket and sending in your payment without coming to court, you are acknowledging that:

(1) You are the Defendant indicated on the citation; and

(2) Your waiver is a complete admission of guilt, waiving your rights to: appearance in court; to trial; to legal counsel; to cross-examine any witnesses that might be called against you in the trial; and to contest, or dispute, either your guilt, or evidence which the State of Ohio would have presented at the trial.

If you are unsure of your rights, the effect of your plea, or need other legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

Reports to Bureau of Motor Vehicles

After your plea and payment is processed, your case will be closed and the Court will forward information to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.