Probation conditions for the Trumbull County Central Court jurisdiction are typical of most Ohio statewide standard probation terms.

If you have been sentenced to the Trumbull County Adult Justice Center, your sentence, or a portion of the sentence, has been suspended temporarily for now to allow you the opportunity to prove that you can modify your current behavior and become a law-abiding citizen.  The opportunity is called Community Control.  Community Control is not a right, but a privilege that the Court is free to allow or deny.  Probation laws impose rules that you must obey.  Your failure to obey them will result in a violation of Community Control and you will return to the Court.

It is the duty of the Probation Officer to make sure that you live by the Conditions of Community Control.  The Probation Officer has the authority and the right to enforce the Conditions of Community Control and to notify the Court of any infractions or violations of these rules.  You will be subject to arrest by your Probation Officer for good cause without a warrant or by any law enforcement officer on the written order of the Chief Probation Officer.

The Judge may order a warrant for your arrest if he deems that you have violated any conditions of your probation. The court may at any time, revoke the Conditions of Community Control for good cause, modify them, or extend the period of probation.  If your probation is revoked, the original sentence may be re-imposed and you will be committed to the Trumbull County Adult Justice Center.

There are basically many special conditions for probation.  The following are some of the special terms of probation:

  • Obeying all laws and being a law-abiding citizen.

  • Reporting to a probation officer as directed promptly at the time and date arranged.

  • Keeping the Probation Officer notified of your current address and telephone number, within 7 (seven) days of the change.

  • Maintaining gainful employment.

  • Paying all court fees.

  • Completing any community service hours as ordered.

  • Refraining from contact with the victim(s) or any known criminal.

  • While operating a vehicle under any Court driving letter, there should not be any measurable amount of any controlled substance or possession of drug paraphernalia except by the prescription of a licensed physician.

  • You cannot or will not purchase, possess, sell, or distribute, or use any controlled substances or be in possession of drug paraphernalia except for those items prescribed by a licensed physician.

  • The results of any required drug testing must be forwarded to the Court’s Probation Department with your authorization.

  • You will pay a probation service fee of $35.00 per month for reporting or $20.00 per month for non-reporting payable to the Trumbull Court Central Division. You will sign an agreement and abide by all the regulations and rules or any additional requirements that are contained within the agreement.

  • You must complete any counseling as directed.

  • You must submit to random urinalysis testing (for alcohol/drug) and assume the costs of the tests.

  • If specified by your probation officer or the Judge’s order; you will not purchase, or own, or possess, or have under your control any firearm, deadly weapon, or dangerous ordinance as defined in Section 2923.11 of the Ohio Revised Code.

  • You should not possess or consume alcohol while on probation.

  • If specified by your probation officer or the Judge’s order; you should not enter or attempt to enter any establishment where they serve alcohol by the glass, can, bottle, shot, or pitcher.

  • You should not operate a motor vehicle without the privilege to do so.

  • You must complete any court ordered assessments and any and all of their recommendations set forth.
    Click here for the Drug and Alcohol, Community Service Resources, or Mental Health approved Resources

  • You should make restitution payments as ordered within the time-frame set forth in the original conviction.


A payment plan can be established if you cannot pay your restitution in full.  The payment plan may be accepted by the Trumbull County Court Central Judge.   The probation officer will help with the determination of how much and when the payments can be made.  The probation officer will make the determination after a review of the debtor’s income is established and what outstanding expenses need to be honored.

Payment for restitution should be provided to the clerk’s office in the form of a check, cash, or money order.  Check and money order should be payable to Trumbull County Court.

The debtor is responsible for the timeliness and manner of payment.  Failure to make payments will be a violation of the debtor’s probation.

Diversion Program:

This program has been developed to allow first time offenders who have been charged with underage possession, and/or consumption of alcohol, theft offenses and other various offenses, the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction. It is only applicable to individuals who have no prior criminal convictions.  The court will determine whether or not an individual is qualified for the diversion program.

This program is a privilege and must be completed within six (6) months.  All requirements must be completed and failure to complete the requirements will result in the case being referred back to the court for prosecution.

Requirements if deemed eligible, are as follows:

  • EDUCATION – Defendant is responsible for all costs and must complete the GED or obtain a high school diploma.
  • DIVERSION FEES – Defendant is responsible for the $240.00 (Non-Refundable) diversion fee along with the court costs associated with the case, including any attorney fees or jailing fees.
  • SUPERVISED COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK – as assigned are required to be completed by the end of the six (6) month probation period and will be monitored and pre-approved by this court’s Probation Department.
  • TREATMENT – Drug and alcohol and/or mental health assessment that may be ordered; and must follow any and all recommendations. Click here for the Drug and Alcohol or Mental Health approved Resources

If defendant agrees to participate in the diversion program, defendant waives their rights to a speedy trial.  The additional time is needed to complete this program.



Behavioral Connections:

The Trumbull County Central Court sentences most of its probation cases to be assessed by a drug and alcohol or mental health counselor to determine if further assessment is required.

DUI offenders will be referred to a 72-hour Driver Intervention Program at various locations.  (See Probation Officer for further information.) Click here for the Drug and Alcohol or Mental Health approved Resources

The program allows the individuals the ability to participate in a victim/offender panel that brings the offenders face-to-face with the consequences of drinking and driving.  

Community Service Resources for Trumbull County:

There are various approved non-profit organizations that will provide the defendant the opportunity to complete his/her community service work.  The Probation Department can verify whether the location is acceptable for Community Service.  If you have questions about the resources please call the Probation Department at 330-675-2284 or 330-675-2292.

Click here for the Community Resource Approved Resources